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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Woman Bank Robber Related to NYPD Caught in Sept 11 Disability Indictments?

I'm waiting for the NYPD Commissioner to apologize to my mother before she dies  the NYPD crimes in my case and Internal Affairs covering up the  crimes in the doctors office to the police department (google Dr Fagelman assault) and I'd like the mayor to apologize  so while I'm waiting I decided to look up the name of the woman bank robber at 42nd St. near Bryant Park Bank of America I got this amazing photo actually couple of amazing photos ...

 I found a story in the New York Daily News from way back when of someone with the woman bank robber's last name being an auxiliary cop accused of arson!!!!!!!!

 Then there was a massive indictment of NYPD and FDNY Brooklyn's ability for September 11 and again is this possible relative and I can't determine whether it's a cop or a firefighter...

 Why is it that information readily available?   I had to guess I guess NYPD...

 You can let me know   

ninfa brunetto-kavanagh  NYPD or FDNY  and what was the outcome of the indictment.

I showed my mom the photo credit which is almost impossible to see see the link below and then this morning I looked up the last name of the woman wondering if she was related to the NYPD and a possible relation of hers was indicted for September 11 related fraud  and even way further back in auxiliary NYPD was accused of arson ....
Woman dressed in Rangers gear arrested in failed bank heist | New York Post

A relative? 


Woman who was arrested for the bank robbery is she related to NYPD?
Ninfa Brunetto  A relative of the bank robber..?
ninfa brunetto aka ninfa brunetto-kavanagh

NY District Attorney's office cracks $400 Million 9/11 disability fraud - 80 NYPD and FDNY busted - Montclair

My Jacket is in the September 11 Museum by the exit but Ray Kelly, Bratton, O'Neill, Vergona and his Facebook friends Schatz and Moran taught me atheir pal Winski  about NYPD committing crimes fixing crimes that the stats are like a Las Vegas casino the fix is in 
Vergona would not meet with me to see the injuries he lied in police reports
 Acted like Mafiosa screaming and yelling at me that I was going to drop those charges or he was going to arrest me!   Told me he didn't care by two black eyes and he refused to answer if he was anti-Semitic  he alerted me he would false arrest  the rest me on Saturday and only Saturday 4 PM I couldn't come in Tuesday Wednesday Thursday or Friday...

Yes NYPD John Vergona detective he acted  like a mafia he acted like a criminal confident he was about the law and my Dad  decorated World War II veteran and scholar died knowing how I was treated and about the crimes committed from the doctors office to the police department.

I can't express the level of fear that I felt being threatened by a crazy violent detective who won't meet me in person and who knows what he would've done in person what they would a fabricated if I turn myself in for false arrest on Saturday at 4 PM and how long they would hold help me or sent me to Rikers for another fabricator crime because they don't like me!!!

Public member Marks wrote that I was scared for my safety but Det Vergona  A criminal corrupt detective who didn't act in a vacuum it was a group crime remove that and he made me more frightened with his verbal violence is threats such a sick violent liar like the woman who attacked me they have no morals no decency he took an oath and he violated that oath along  everyone in the city of New York Police Department and Zachary Carter's lawyers that lie they took oaths didn't they?

NYPD detectives my case committed crimes. I allege  also guilty my case Joe Tacopina cunt threat to me the victim Det Vergona his partner and detective Andy Dwyer and his partner Active on the Hate Crimes and were protected every step of the way committing
crimes Sgt Chen and LT Burgos guilty and CO Ed Winski fix it fix his crimes that's so there was no assault and there was 2nd  degree assault,  false cross complaint,  menacing, lying to the police threatening the victim and then the police joined in a pile up of crimes and there is zero arrests talk about fixing!

Constitutional rights were violated from the doctors office to the police department people broke the law  and I was discriminated against because they don't like me so it's OK to break the laws!

Delita Hooks filed a false cross-complaint two days after me which the cops used and she signed a letter I'm guessing Joe Tacopina drafted which openly threatens me and warns me threatens me not to come back and file second-degree assault charges since the cops did a bait and switch and made into a fabricated mutual 3rd assault corrupt nypd detectives  dr. the police reports for the corrupt doctor it's called fixing in favors -- it appears that Joe Tacopina The corrupt NYPD detectives that committed the crime so afraid I would come back and file 2nd° of salt charges so they were letting me know if I dare to try that that they would protect Delita Hooks she would file a second pass cross complaint this time stating that it was second-degree assault mutual and the cops would fix it I'm alleging Joe Tacopina also guilty the fake sock puppet account six days after I was attacked on Sunday calling me a confrontative can't threatening to bury me their goal was to say it was my fault blame me like a rape victim was blamed but it's not my fault you don't get to hit me you don't get to violate my patient rights in my body their crimes you don't get to threaten a victim during an open investigation and you don't get to lie to the police during an open investigation that's a crime even if the cops are dirty and committing crimes it's

Delita Hooks signed letter openly threatens me to her NYPD fix her she signed threatens me to her NYPD fixer she signed that letter threatening me openly that's a crime and it signed to her NYPD she signed that letter threatening me openly that's a crime and it signed by Delita Hooks -- The threatening tone matches the Joe Tacopina sock puppet account threatening tone also warning me to not come forward these are crimes to warn a victim to threaten a victim to not come forward where are the arrests ????

Three police commissioners don't like me so it's OK to protect NYPD crimes and the corrupt detectives are Facebook friends with the first cop I ever reported to internal affairs PO Eugene Schatz on my blocks when you see a red I love giving the finger that's from nypd PO Eugene Schatz's facebook page.


NYPD Detective John Vergona's big house on Staten Island is in a mysterious trust to protect him from lawsuits and the couple that did this legal action has an Italian last name similar but shorter than Vergona so not his last name....??????

Do you know anyone living in a house that is in a protected trust....??????