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Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Terrorism London Tragic Reminder NYC 911 Tech Bloomberg's Mess De Blasio and Mark Peters Joined Cy Vance Protecting Biggest Tech Crime NYC Gov History and You Still Can't Text 911 NYC

Bloomberg and de Blasio Cover-up 911 Tech Crimes NYPD Top Brass Graft No Arrests Over 2 Billion Tax Dollars Can't Text Corrupted 911 Mess

Seven people arrested after London terror attack left four dead - NY Daily News

 I love London and I sending condolences and prayers  it was great to see good people stepping up and being brave  doing the right thing.

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Tweet: ‪#Terrorism NYC 911 Tech Bloomberg's Mess De Blasio Mark Peters Joined Cy Vance Protecting Biggest Tech Crime NYC 911‬

 Over 8 million people depend on the 911 Techsystems working including rescue workers...

 It's amazing to me 911 text scandal is not front-page news like  Eric Garner's hand written lawsuit from 8 years ago an indictment from the grave... like me Eric  was a victim of retaliation for very different reasons the NYPD were willing to break laws in his case and my case under Ray Kelly!  Ray Kelly's book Vigilance  belongs in the fiction section next to Lance Armstrong's book!

Ray Kelly have to answer a lot of questions under oath including why he put corrupt Chief Chuck Dowd  as the head of technology who was the chief of taking lavish gifts like Ray Kelly Who took lavish plane rides with his wife courtesy of Michael Bloomberg sitting mayor who receiving fixing in favors from the NYPD as well breaking curfew with this helicopter just want example.

Tweet:  Terrorism London Tragic Reminder NYC 911 Tech Bloomberg Mess Ray Kelly, Chief Dowd lavish gifts as crooks overbilled

 When I went to testify at City Hall we need a criminal prosecution of 911 tech crooks Chief Dowd  did not want to even admit to me he was the head of technology and refuse my testimony which she did not stay for.   Actually no one stayed for the public testimony  except a few city council members.

Rose Gill Hearn and Mark Peters  don't want to be questioned under oath even Preet Bharara  will not want to answer questions from NYU college students why is overbilling a crime CityTime but not 911?

Because rich powerful people want their legacy is protected to protecting powerful contractor so we're over billing and stealing tied to Homeland security and the New York pensions starting with Hewlett-Packard had no business being the lead contractor who delivered late delivery crap with stealing -  The representative from HP told  one of my sources that he was going over Bill until he lost the contract which happened about six years later...

 Did you notice there was not one arrest of a government employee CityTime? Well 911  is it even a bigger crime it went over budget over $1 billion it's the biggest scam corruption technology corruption in New York City history not 1 arrest and it's amazing you can't even texted I went and I testified at City Hall we need a criminal investigation and prosecution of the crooks just didn't know with the time the top NYPD were taking lavish gifts from contractors!

Cy Vance  has a history of protecting NYPD crimes including in my case that's what he is a corrupt dirty DA the most corrupt in the shortest amount of time and protecting the 911 tech crooks has to be part of a major book like  Flash Boys that excoriated Cy Vance  in the future movie of the best-selling book will really make a Manhattan DA look even worse than the book!

My jacket is in the Sept 11 Museum by the exit but who knew years later I would be a victim of violence at a doctors office where you're supposed to be safe and then a victim of a group of corrupt NYPD officers and detectives and supervisors from the 1st Precinct doing fixing in favors for a rich Doctor who didn't want to fire his violent lying employee - Google Dr Fagelman assault Watch the video she repeatedly violated my patient rights which is a provocative and incorrect thing to do but when Delita Hooks got between me in the door  gave me the finger she provoked me to document her rude behavior when I ask her please would you give me the finger again she doesn't deny it she just decided she can get away with beating me to a pulp and she and her boss thought they could get the NYPD to break even more laws join and threatening me bully me and it would go away so needless to say my feelings about the NYPD have greatly changed since three police commissioners have protected a pile up of crimes from a doctor to the First Precinct

That being said I love the city I want the people safe although many of us don't feel safe with the NYPD we feel like they are terrorists we are not safe with them they are liars a line police reports they can force her arrest you and we have dirty DAs look at Eric Garner's  can written lawsuit from eight years ago and my case just two examples of so many including people morning their love ones were killed by the NYPD!

Catharine Dockery Selling Lies! Delita Hooks Instigated/Provoked Me and Dr Fagelman, Delita Hooks Spinned Lied Commited Pile Up of Crimes Conspiring to Threaten Me NYPD Did a Bait and Switch downgraded second-degree assault, menacing, lying to the police during an open investigation, all disappear by breaking laws lying and police reports threatening me protecting people threatening me protecting a misogynist hate crime and acting on it

Funny but  that cowardly criminal super liar Joe Tacopina - ironic Bernie Kerik  was the one to share audio to prove what many guessed Joe Tacopina belongs in jail  when is the super liar and he's never contacted me to deny breaking the law during an open investigation with a misogynist hate crime calling me a confrontative cunt using a sock puppet account because let's face it Joe it's a freaking coward oh let me be clear I'm guessing it's Joe  but behind all that my kids now is such a coward and in adequate grotesque little man who's gotten away with everything but murder and I can't wait for him to fall and fall hard.

 I believe he broke the law on my case and corrupt NYPD acted on his misogynist take crime but it's inevitable that he can't stop doing what he's doing and he will end up getting his karma and hopefully ending up in jail I just wish it was for my case as well.