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Monday, March 27, 2017

PTS Insomnia Violence Lies Dr Andrew Fagelman Office Violence Delita and NYPD Det Crimes could it cause my body and mind so much stress I develop neurological problems like my mother The lack of sleep the chronic insomnia the chronic upset and stress of the violence and lies from a doctors office to the police department ?

I feel like I can't move I'm so exhausted from the trauma PTS insomnia and my mom in hospice.

My Mom in Hospice - it's so sad it's so sad but I'm concerned as well because it seems studies say that conic insomnia stress upset it's really bad for your neurological health so all the smile and some lies for an a half years of the city of New York and NYPD at doctors office conspiring to cover up crimes...  I alerted every agency possible as soon as I possibly could and there still covering up lies I just feel so sick I'm feeling sensations I've never felt before like last night a dizziness and headaches ...
PTS increases the level of pain...

Every day that they lie and I became aware that they were lying October 3, 2012 when they came to a YouTube where I have a blackeye it was a Jon telling me that I was a liar and they had video but it turned out they had video they destroyed it they deny  that they have video because the video would  further proof they committed crimes although there's plenty of proof right now just no justice like the Michael Dowd and Dirty 30 just 2 examples Internal Affairs knew and covered up like IA is doing in my case.

  I'm getting physical therapy on my neck I've so much pain in my body I just wish I had a little home with a pool I could swim every day I hurt so much I felt really dizzy last night my head felt really odd I get so scared I'll develop illness like my Mom  Who is in hospice it's hard to believe I don't need my white blood cells to strangers and now I feel ill I'm trying to move my body because I need my body to be strong in case I do you develop a debilitating illness like my mom I just feel so weak so exhausted

I watch Showtime the TV show homeland and it was incredible how they showed about sock puppets and I know I lived it from Mayor Bloomberg so close puppets were so many of the last was Rattnerrocks  as in the crook Steve Rattner who pleaded the fifth 64 times and was banned by SEC  ask Michael Bloomberg about that under oath and then there's Joe Tacopina who I believe committed a serious crime along with his partner I'm guessing Chad Seigel using sock puppet accounts after I was assaulted I was assaulted Monday, October 1, 2012 and they harassed me online October 7, 2012 is my guess it was them using sock puppets but Joe took it to another level with a misogynist take crime threat that the second lawyer using a sock puppet account backed up  you told me that everything the first lawyer told me was correct but his language was wrong so if that is truly those two guys who had reported to the New York State supreme ethics committee for comparing the NY Preb rape victims vagina to a Venus's-flytrap if they did what they did to me they both broke the law it's an arrestable offense and they could be disbarred ...?  I think yes  it was them and they should be arrested and disbarred --

 I was harassed over the weekend it was on behalf of Joe Tacopina know the comments were misogynist and homophobic and it was on the power to give Joe the NYPD rape cop Lawyer bragging he got the nypd rape cops off he had told us not to call them nypd rape cops that's all I do through the whole YouTube call them nypd rape cops.   I have a lot of questions about rape for Joe and the NYPD under oath as well as my case  threatening a victim during an open investigation and my tack or sign letter openly threatening me just like the misogynist hate crime minus the word cunt but the letter signed by my attacker to NYPD's fixer.

The NYPD detective  acted on the misogynist a crime which I also forwarded immediately to Detective John Vergona  and I asked is this witness tampering.

I also blame Dr Andrew Fagelman I believe it's 100% guilty that he knows the staff is lying that he knows that Delita hooks lied during an open investigation and  he conspired along with her and the corrupt evil NYPD detectives to threaten me to make it go away because he was not going to fire her he saw the video he know she lied he and the detectives know she filed a false cross complaint as does Internal Affairs --  guess it's like the Michael Dowd case I have to wait for an outside police force to catch these criminals in my case?

Joe Tacopina Abner Louima, Tacopina the NYPD Rape Cops, Tacopina my case broke laws? I write NYPD PC and Internal Affairs