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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Trump 1st Pres to enter the White House w/ mega millions in debt

 Do United States is getting close to hitting $19 trillion in debt how did that happen how could that happen no business could be allowed to do that right?

Trump is the first president in the history of United States to walk into the White House  owimg hundreds of millions of dollars of debt!  Some mega millions are to banks that were part of the Wall Street implosion mortgage meltdown.   Is this a signal that we should prep for startling drop in the stocks and a second Wall Street implosion?

 Russia may have hacked the election but I believe Donald Trump also the first president in the history of this country to win  The presidency thanks to reality TV show.

 I'm theory he is violated so many laws and pissed off so many powerful people there's a possibility the intelligence agency he wants to take apart and redo could end up saying to him you're fired?  The intelligence agencies he wants to redo have all the dirt on him plus we witnessed how much wrongdoing even threatening Hillary Clinton's life  and verbally inviting Russia to hack?

I don't want Trump or Pence or Hillary as president.  Will there be some shocking shake up the forces Trump out?

How does a guy in debt for mega mega millions of dollars gets a fly around in jet planes and with the highlife  become president of United States as our national debt is about to break $19 trillions?

 We have United States Postal Service that loses billions every year, we have contractors many of them defense contractors over billing here in New York City the 911 as one example it was open season over billing for contractors, consultants and lobbyist laughed all the way to the bank but when it gets the Pentagon  The allegations are trillions of dollars of taxpayer abuse how does that happen?

 These are just some examples and there are so many more countless examples...

Trump  will be working on his debt and one person that may have been helping him with his debt.   Wall street journal did an article on banks and conflicts of interest what about with Russia and Putin?

Any business went into debt or at least im New York when business --small businesses-- they're forced to close up so Donald trumps kind of like our country he's kind a like the Wall Street guys  that their banks were part of the Wall Street implosion but they did not go to jail and they continue to fly around him private jets.

How could Donald Trump owe easily over $300 million to banks and possibly hundreds of millions more and to others -- rumor is he owes Russia which means Putin -  you may have noticed the Putin  kills billionaires and takes their money so he is now the richest man in Russia he literally takes what he wants and that means killing someone will do it.

 I can assure you I don't want the Clintons Hillary Clinton was going to put Bill Bratton  as Homeland security and he has Eric Garner's  blood on his hand is just one example and he's taught me to turn broken windows back on the NYPD including my case why don't they start with my case or Eric's or how many other victims of the NYPD.

Regarding the US debt China owns a big part of United States dead that's pretty incredible Ha we know that Russian China attempt or do you successfully hack the US but it's the first time that Russia allegedly hacked an election and  successfully impacted it .

Trump antagonizes China but FYI China owns a huge chunk of the United States debt.