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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Bratton Racist Corrupt Like Ray Kelly Soft Landing Loses Hillary Clinton Voters

.@HillaryClinton if Bratton remains employed by your pal after refusing to apologize, protecting NYPD CRIMES u lose how many voters?

The NYPD  commanding officer on the scene apologized immediately to Michael Blake but not her boss Bill Bratton because he's a racist cop like Ray Kelly  he supports all kinds of NYPD corruption. No one in the media  has asked Ray Kelly and Bratton to explain this
Read Eric Garner's hand written lawsuit from 7 years ago -- it gives new meaning to it stops today.  
* NYPD Commissioner William Bratton said he will not apologize to Bronx Assemblyman Michael Blake, who said he was handled roughly by an officer over the weekend and that his treatment highlights police aggression toward black men, the Journal reports.
* During a full day of protests at New York City Hall, about 100 Black Lives Matter activists demanded that de Blasio fire Bratton and many vowed to sleep in the park and not leave until their demands were met, the Daily News reports.
Andrew J. Padilla (@apadillafilm6)
& chants of
"You're a Racist!"

While NYPD @CommissBratton leaves City Hall after resignation


.@apadillafilm6 @CommissBratton Excellent exposes NY times and NYPost selling lie Bratton was good. Bratton Kelly corrupt racist for sale
Bratton said it's complicated. Read Eric Garner in his own words from 8 years ago it is not complicated.
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
.@HillaryClinton .@LorettaLynch .@PreetBharara Eric Garner in his own words! My casehis2many Bratton Kelly out scribd.com/doc/253681968/…

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@HillaryClinton Hillary you lost huge block of voters w/ your friend hiring Bratton

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
.@HillaryClinton @LorettaLynch @PreetBharara Why is Federal investigation Eric Garner Homicide taking so long?

More voters  vote for the Green party rather than Hillary Clinton because of Brattons high-priced soft landing he's a racist corrupt cop he's getting media news reporters actually in line for him starting with the New York Times article he's a racist he has people camping out in Parks people of color saying how racist and corrupt him and my PR and I know for a fact protected  criminal NYPD officers in my case a pile up of crimes for Rich Soho really sick corrupt rich folks in Soho call the police and get them to break the law if you're not breaking the law other violating every protocol and rule in the police guidebook for rich people in Soho and Bratton selling the lie that Eric Garner's homicide was complicated and it's not it starts with Ray Kelly for eight years  and Eric Garner's hand written lawsuit eight years before accusing the cops of committing crimes planting drugs on him sexually violated him in public violating his constitutional rights which means that they lied and police reports as well if Eric was telling the truth and I believe he was who is systematically harassed eight and said you should not be employed by the parks department you're a felon meaning they were targeting him making it impossible for him to even walk down the street  for fear they did come at him and sexually violate him in public he talks about it in detail and Bratton says it's complicated.

* Eugene O’Donnell, a former NYPD cop now teaching at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, writes in the Daily News that Bratton stepped aside because he was no longer able to proactively police with so many new protocols, overseers and the City Council at his throat.

City Council at his throat  but metaphorically speaking who put the gun to his head and whomever I'm glad it's payback karma for what he did covering up coercion my case he and Ray Kelly and their corrupt IA chiefs and officers - Det Vergona  for the speaking put a gun to my head because he was a big coward who win meet me committed a serious crimes with help from his friends some on Facebook by the way  I know karma  get them but I'd like Justice now!

Bratton forced out and AG justice dept over 2 years not a word in Eric Garner why?  Possibly because the Justice Department they're going to let the NYPD off the hook but they're too afraid to announce it because every other day it seems like a black person is being killed by cops?

Stay tuned there will be more shake ups  and if the new police commissioner doesn't do something is going to be devastating protest and a new commission to police corruption because the FBI  won't be able to cover a police wrong doing sis systemic fixing in favors throughout the city which came out during the NYPD Ramos trial  vomiting internal affairs and the PBA and FBI and dirty DAs  including Charles Hynes  so frightened of going to jail he had a stroke so he's avoided 2 grand jury's, Cy Vance  worse then Hynes, Donovan who fixed it for Vito Lopez and NYPD involved in years of  wrong doing involving Eric garner and then involved in his Homicide, Brown made sure the chief Marino and DI  what's his name did not face a grand jury because it would've been indicted in Adrian Schoolcraft case.

 The New York Times and other papers white washed Bratton  remember the Feds have been secretly listening in on the NYPD for at least two years and Bratton.

Remember  every time The New York Times, New York Daily News, and the New York Post, endorse a candidate kill the truth the new stories that expose them and sell lies that candidates loses except Bloomberg  guilty of the most corruption with technology contracts including NYPD involved in the corruption the biggest crime ever 911 open stealing but no one was going to be arrested no one and Cy Vance protected  contractors, consultants, and top NYPD chiefs taking gifts. Remember the moment the media forced to go off script because Thompson  neck and neck with Bloomberg.

Fixing and favors did you see the news about FBI having a Chinese spy working  for them for years? Eventually may come out about more spies and or corruption in bombing the FBI and also the NYPD?   Omar Mateen under Ray Kelly traveled with 40 NYPD officers and he was given NYPD gifts would never hurt who financed what on the trip everything's gone again silent no news like the 911 second command center still not up and running and they're trying to say well it's top secret but the truth is it's corruption so how did NYPD and contractors and whoever get away with whatever and we don't have any news about.  The FBI works closely with Internal Affairs but doesn't seem to know all these years but we all know internal affairs incredibly corrupt. Only the NYDN reported that Bratton hired chief Reznick who at the time was being sued by an NYPD whistleblower he called a rat and The NY Times and The NY Post killed that news story.

 In the past the feds dirty DAs atyorney generals have refused prosecute people that are rich powerful , connected or people that do fixing and favors but now there are  hackers, anonymous and wiki leaks  besides Bill Deblasio  ply being arrested very soon Zachary Carter being forced to resign and he really should be arrested there may be more police that are invited and if not you're going to be reading shocking information about corruption and how did you dish of system and political players in the government protected crimes literal crimes including involving the police department because at  some point there will be major leaks exposing coverups.

Gene Schatz a corrupt call a cop US Attorney term my term 1800NYPD fix it community affairs to the Det Squad and Winski first precinct look at Schatz's FB profile and it describes his community affair policing and  corruption fixing in favors for the rich of Soho and what did he get out of it? Money, parties or power trips?  Ray Kelly era promoted and Bratton protected 1800 fix it
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
.@NYPDnews .@NYPDCommAffairs Ray Kelly Ed Winski promoted Gene Schatz community affairs he & FB pals part coercion pic.twitter.com/fU5c2OXKye

O'Neil  most likely not make one change but if he doesn't fire the head of internal affairs he won't be here more than a month anyway and de Blasio may be arrested by than and Tish James  will be temporary mayor. 

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It is amazing that Black activists call the NYPD racist white cops mostly Irish and Bratton gets hired by an Irish guy and the New York Times says that he wasn't racist when some people think Obama made the call after Bratton refused to apologize to Michael Black a Black congressman that was one of many reasons Bratton  was told to pack up his things he had a month to get out and get out I can't wait till John Miller and all his cronies friends on the payroll or forced out and most of all I can't wait till the truth is out about the corruption fixing in favors citywide and I'm a victim of fixing favors and Rich Soho from the Mercer hotel to the Dr Andrew Fagelman's office and Gene Schatz got promoted to Community affairs and Soho because he violated the patrol guy books so many times and  did his Facebook friends that broke the law pilot the clients from Dr. Andrew Fagelman's to the First Precinct to one police plaza. Ray Kellt and Bratton corrupt liars and  Schatz and his facebook friends taught turn broken windows back on the NYPD.