NYPD PC O'Neill Blocks me on Twitter Attempting to Erase Evidence Complicity!

Delita Hooks letter in response to Ron Kuby's short hand for Suzannah Troy is being coerced -Delita Hooks letter to NYPD Detective Andrew Dwyer threatens a 2nd false cross complaint! NYPD Lt Angelo Burgos signed off on it with NYPD Ed Winski's knowledge and top brass including Internal Affairs protecting a pile-up of crimes including a series of threats, falsified police reports coercion. Corp Counsel lawyers including Zachary Carter lied in legal documents again protecting all crimes, obstructing Justice yet again and protecting violations of my Civil Rights! NYPD PC blocks me to attempt to erase the historical first time a victim of crimes including NYPD crimes tweeted evidence so he thought by blocking me he could erase evidence of his and top cops knowledge of crimes, obstruction of Justuce, falsfied police reports and coercing me for a rich MD w/ NYPD patients who didn't fire his violent lying employee
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NYPDONeill‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDChiefofDept‬⁩⁦‪@NYPDFIRSTDEP‬⁩⁦‪@TheIACP‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDnews‬⁩⁦‪@NYPDDetectives‬⁩⁦‪@MjrCitiesChiefs‬⁩⁦‪@NYPDChiefPatrol‬⁩⁦‪@NYCPBA‬⁩⁦‪@MarcSantia4NY‬⁩⁦‪@NYPDCT‬⁩youtu.be/syrc3ncHFTI ask PC O’Neill, Bratton, Ray Kelly, Pulaski, Boyce, Esposito, Banks, Lt Gannon about audio Sgt Chen PO Magori prevent me from reporting Delita Hooks false cross complaint lying I am not from DA or a det. so I am not allowed to report the crime! #NYPD Lies!

"NYC is My Community" CPR on NYC's Heart Soul! The People reclaim NYC Our Rights! Peace to the Streets! Permanent New Commission NYPD IAB DA Corruption! I sued
Pro Se like Eric Garner I have new evidence! NYPD IA DA Cy Vance top brass guilty like they protected Lt Lamboy Sex Crimes Unit including CUNT threat to turn tables on me NYPD IA acted on ! After 4yrs pro se 4/22/2018 I need lawyer to sue + class actions victims unite! Suebe1art@aol.com NYPD Coerced me to drop charges or go to jail with a hole in my retina Saturday false arrest for Dr Fagelman's savagely VIOLENT LYING receptionist Delita Hooks running punch to my eye grabbing my hair trying to drag me down the hall by my hair damaging my neck not fired or arrested I agreed to false arrest 10/16/12 immediate than CORRUPT LIAR Det John Vergona changed my false arrest date to Sat 10/20, 2012 4PM IAB let him +his supervisor retire! https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=dh9TedhfthE !http://mayorbloombergkingofnewyork.blogspot.com/Mike Might Not Win - look at date!When the Community Board Does NOTHING,You Can Do Something see photo of Alfredo & I on Speed Bump I got for Anna Silver School https://m.youtube.com/user/Suzannahartist follow my channel! Recogntion: The NYTimes !!! I ask for 1 billion $ x 3 RICO from SAIC look at date CityTimeURGENT 911 Tech System ECTP Criminal Investigation Needed!
Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

About Suzannah Troy, suebe1art@aol.com

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Mike Bloomberg Brags CityTime ahead of sched! Drug Test him! CityTime Ta...


(Just a reminder CityTime was handled through the Office of Payroll not Dept. of Information Technology which by the way is run by Patricia Harris's son.)

In 1988 she married [1] attorney Mark D. Lebow. Lebow is a former chairperson of the New York City Civil Service Commission. He is a current member of the board of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority [2], appointed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Lebow's son from a previous marriage, Michael P. Lebow, is also a member of the Bloomberg administration. Michael is the Chief Technology Officer of the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications,[2] earning an annual salary of $140,558. She is also the mother of Jeffrey and Alexandra Lebow.


Isn't there something disturbing about an unattended baby stroller even if it is a dog and not a baby? Look at the dog looking at the other baby stroller! I like the woman's smile!

Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation has a new blog "Off the Grid"


Why Does Mike Bloomberg push CityTime like Heroin? All I can say is thank goodness the MTA SAIC is dead! Suzannnah B. Troy


Michael Bloomberg's techno-dreams are the tax payer's nightmares!

Hey Mike how is the start of the art 911 tech system.

Denial is the new crack cocaine from Albany to City Hall.

Drug test Mike Bloomberg!

What is Mike's motivation to be praising CityTime?

My guess is the same reason Mike came out praising SAIC after 80 million dollars in tax payer money was revealed stolen by consultants on CityTime.....it is called damage control and Mike hoped to prevent fall-out...so far SAIC has lost 2 deals one with the sanitation dept. and one with the MTA.

I am an artist and I don't have a press pass and all the tools a newspaper reporter has but I think the 911 tech system and CityTime -- a time clock to save us the tax payers money combined cost to us is over 2 billion dollars.  CityTime will start saving us money maybe in a couple of hundred years...it was meant to stop workers from stealing money and since it was originally projected to cost 68 million and is up to 700 mill? moving towards a billion it was no surprise 80 million was revealed to be stolen....in fact it would seem way more has been stolen.

SAIC has been put on performance contract....with penalties thanks to John Liu.   Bill Thompson dropped the ball on this and pensions along with Mike Bloomberg who is either losing his marbles or on drugs.

Charlie Sheen has not hit bottom but will he live long enough to hit bottom

Charlie Sheen is talking to anyone who will put him on television and the world wide web.  If he ever truly hits bottom and comes back to his senses he will regret these interviews.

Charlie thinks people who are critical of him are jealous of him.  He has ever rationalization possible and too bad for him Charlie can charm people and that has worked against him and his illness.

He looks emaciated.   He is the father of 5 children and how can he be present for them in this state.

He is so lost and he may not live to hit bottom.  Sober and healthy this is a nice guy but in this state of illness he is so off and his anti-Semitic remarks are not Mel Gibson like because Charlie is not about hating groups of people but it is ugly.

Charlie Sheen, besides alcohol and drugs is addicted to celebrity and it is killing him.  He needs to remind himself to be humble -- the word humble Latin roots "earth" and Charlie Sheen will be hitting the earth in one of two ways -- either one way or another he will kill himself or two he will walk up and get humble and get help.  http://www.tmz.com/2011/02/28/charlie-sheen-live-interview-tmz-two-and-a-half-men/
The interviews are not worth watching...they are sad...

NY Post at it again -- DOT and the Hell's Angels -- Have you seen the streets in the E. Village and through NYC -- DOT and the bench are you kidding? Arrest John Sexton and the ex. Pres. of Cooper Union, Arrest the Pres. of NY Law for busting thru zoning illegally and mega-dorming people to death

Please NY Post will you do a piece on NYU, NY Law School, and Cooper Union's shady corrupt real estate dealings in the NYU and besides busting through zoning research the record setting infrastructure breaks in the neighborhood since Mike Bloomberg and his socialite city planner pushed a reckless tsunami of development coming very close to or actually breaking laws for their friends.  Research the air sale by the USPS to NYU at 120 E. 12th -- the air sale was illegal but was pushed thru.  Cooper Union's goal to  tear down the little Science building by the Black Cube is part 2 of bust through zoning on old NY's infrastructure to rent the space to non-university tenants!  DOT and DEP -- ask them for the stats and history of the streets of the E. Village and Lower East Side.  It is a wonder that DOT has anytime to bother with a bench when the streets are shot to hell and it is a miracle no one has been killed.  Look at the intersection of 7th St. and 2nd Avenue or St Marks Pl between 2nd and 1st Avenue.

The New York Post Editors on "poor" fat cat Wall Streeters -- Who are you kidding?

02/28/2011 5:04 PM
Dear NY Post Editors: Who are you kidding! The account/lawyers at these Wall St. firms have their fat cats declare any where but NYC as there home. Boo hoo their bonuses shrunk to a sum bigger than half the people in your office earn; fat cats have found so many ways to rip NYC off of not paying taxes.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/editorials/the_gasping_golden_goose_NS2TxUrVcGFiWfPITGroJM#ixzz1FIH9V3Hz

Staten Island PS 22 The Oscars Some Where Over the Rainbow!!!

Oscars The Academy Misogyny Hailee & Jennifer didn't win! YouTubers Make...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8t9dRF0nUok you can go to the comment section where I give you more insight in to misogyny and also explain I am referring to David Fincher and why I said Peter!!!!

Peter Finch is famous for what quote from the film "Network"?

I am exhausted.  So tired and I always feel like I am rushing.

Phillipe Edouard Drice, a Vet is a whistle blower and a housing activist -- he asks Meeks, Thompson, Cuomo, Bloomberg -- what did you know, when did you know?


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Can't stay up or stay tuned to The Oscars to see PS 22 so posted one of their YouTubes + Greyson tells PS 22 that Lady Gaga loves them!


And here Greyson surprising PS22

I can't watch the Oscars....I tried...I try every year....


Will watch their Oscar performance on YouTube tomorrow....going to read book now!

Rallies in Lower Manhattan in support of Workers' & Women's Rights

David Quintana attended both rallies downtown..


Here's my question, at the 13:50 mark (or so) r u the one with the sign..? 
No David!  I love her sign.  She looks like a mix of me and Lady Gaga --- great smile but not mine.

Thanks for sending me this YouTube.  Good work!

Check out David's blog...
Blog: Lost in the Ozone...
Twitter Feed: 
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; it's the only thing that ever has..." - Margaret Mead

Christine Quinn is playing with a stacked deck! Check out who is throwing big bucks at her for her run for mayor! I want to ask you do you want Mike to have a 4th term from the golf course?


Christine Quinn Ms. Slush and Intimidation, Mike Bloomberg's mini-me  -- how much tax payer $ are you costing us with your high priced defense attorney?
Hey if you donate to Christine Quinn's mayoral run you campaign donations will be plastered all over the internet!!!!!!  Say Cheese!

Susan Edelman NY Post exposes School Teachers Financial Dysfunction Costing The Tax Payers not as much as Mike's Chefs & campaign staff but way too much


Suzannah B. Troy Sept. 11 Detectives Endowment Assoc. Card! lost but actually never lost Found

When I suffered a traumatic event post 9-11, I lost or perhaps certain special rings were stolen by someone I thought was a friend but when you think of the loss Sept. 11, you just have to shrug it off.  I still find myself attached to "things" and one is this card which I love because it has the World Trade Center Towers on it.  I don't have anything in my home with the image but I carried this around when it was given to me by an NYPD Det. who became my friend after 9-11 because of 9-11.  I found it this morning -- too odd and funny how -- I had never actually lost it.  It was stuck to another card in my wallet.  I also carry a small "artwork" with the my NYPD cards because after Sept. 11 I only wanted small portable art works and I gave away copies of my little portable art works.

I was so happy when I found the card I showed it to my friend and he said oh I could use that and I told him I would never use it ever....I just carry with me always.

I keep hoping that other possessions gone -- my personal diaspora is no more -- that I reclaim what was lost but life is short and it is best to focus on the present

My NYPD friend and I did not stay in touch and he wasn't my lover, just a wonderful friend who has since retired.  A very special person who like so many NYPD stepped up in our darkest hours, and the days and months following Sept. 11.

Suzannah B. Troy's Oscar Picks plus a shout out to Mike Bloomberg don't cut our teachers look at our Staten Island Kids on The Oscars w/their teacher! I am calling my high school art teacher right now!


Billy Wiggins from South Ozone Park gives Mike Bloomberg a piece of his mind on Beautiful New York Women!!!!!

Billy: Great letter!  Give Mike Bloomberg hell!  FYI, China owns a big part of the USA's mega-trillion dollar debt and um, ehem, they can build an American woman!  Still a great letter!


Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t need to import fashion models — America breeds the best-looking women in the world to do fashion modeling (“Mike a ‘Model’ Citizen,” Feb. 19).
The good news is that China can’t build an American woman.
Billy Wiggins, South Ozone Park

Hilarious Best Buy Commercial with Ozzy Osborune and Justin Bieber


Taking a break from NYC Corruption, Suzannah B. Troy Visits The Bronx Botanical Garden!

I jumped on the subway and was transported....

Beautiful News Reporter and her very Sweet Camera Man -- I love the photo and I thought they were the nicest! We talked about the 2 crazy car accidents around Union Square

There were two car accidents around Union Square -- thangs have gotten crazy -- behind them is the after math of a wild crazy car accident....look on the ground behind her arm -- apparently a cab driver and passenger got into an arguement and things got out of hand and the car out of control hitting a light pole.  It was in the wee hours so thankfully no pedestrians were about.

I visited artist buddies and the news is the NYPD's Alpha Squad had made some recent visits and carted off people in handcuffs as if they were criminals and that is criminal.

I loved these two and I love my photo of them.

NYU refuses to put a Frieze on the side of the building to honor the memory of these young women's horrific death The Triangle Shirt Factory Tragedy

NYU the evil empire of the East Village LES where many of these young women lived owns the building and to date the Purple Reign of Terror that has mega dormed the E village refuses to put up a heart moving freize like the FDNY heroes have downtown because NYU like these young womens bosses are about greed.  NYU a corrupt real estate magnate - look in to the air sale deal by the USPS to NYu over St Anns 120 e 12! Nyu as usual refuses to do right by the community and honor our history!!!

How about something like the FDNY have.....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkbMRF_zT88

John Sexton's actions against our communities has secured him prime real estate way down under.

The only thing John Sexton, over paid pres. of NYU not a president of academia but he is a president for a real estate entitey that uses the words "not for profit" as a tax shelter to gobble up our real estate and mass displacement of our communities and destruction of our historic buildings...

the only thing John Sexton, Mike Bloomberg and socialite mega millionaire Amanda the people's Burden have not done is provide NYU buses, trains and trolleys to move us.

NYU is the Madoff of our neighborhoods, NYU made off with our neighborhoods....

NYC Carriage Horse rescued from Slaughter Horse -- Will be able to roll around on the grass -- a horse's great pleasure


Suzannah B. Troy shouts FIRE!!! You get why there is a FDNY calendar?

On a serious note I handed firemen the flyer from the union protest and suggested they and the NYPD join us for the next protest.

I read part of the union flyer in this YouTube about Bloomberg breaking campaign laws....

My YouTube mayor hands off FDNY NYPD

NYPD Christine Quinn wants to be your mayor...


AOL requires I change password due to suspicious activity

the drama unending...

NY Post on MTA Scams and Hustlers but oops the article leaves out the biggest MTA Scammer the MTA! NYers are even given 100 dollar tickets because the MTA does not provide enough entrances and exits for commuters and that is when they are not robbing them and providing below par service

I always think of the original Planet of the Apes and the Statue of  Liberty when I see the terrible state of the MTA.
Under Mike Bloomberg the streets of NY are a dangerous mess and now the media is doing damage control blaming it on Bloomberg's Blizzard of 2010 when the streets and sidewalks were just as bad before the snow storms.  How can you push population expansion when the infrastructures including the MTA, our streets, our water, gas pipes, etc are ancient and bursting, man hole covers exploding?  Only with greed and stupidity....
Don't forget the biggest scam in subway stations by the biggest hustler and that is the MTA.  How about when you swipe your card over and over because it doesn't work.  Than you realize you don't know the dollar amount you had and you may have been taken for a ride.  How many cards do people toss that has small change on it so the rider is losing money but not the MTA.  The MTA is taking on cash hand over fist yet the subway stations look third world with rusting leaking ceilings, dilapidated stair cases which are too small to accommodate the reckless expansion Bloomberg forced on us.  I have seen people get tickets for going through an open door and yes they broke the law but why?  There was one entrance with a turn stile and 2 huge lines -- one to exit and one to swipe their MTA card and everyone is rushing to work.  Those commuters should not have to pay for a ticket when the MTA is not providing enough exits and entrances for commuters...in this case one that must be shared! Don't forget the MTA SAIC deal w/lobbyist Peter Powers, Rudy's best friend who brought in SAIC CityTime.  Also MTA Sonnet deal that went wrong as well.

All these topics are addressed on my YouTubes...

YouTube Millionaires article in The NY Post, Suzannah B. Troy continues to apply for partnership after wrongly being banned from YouTubeland


I continue to apply for YouTube partnership and FYI -- a month and a half before the election all my YouTubes mostly critical of Mike Bloomberg also Christine Quinn and David Yassky were all removed.   I was banned from YouTube for violating terms.

Norman Siegel represented me and so many activists including film makers wrote Google which owns YouTube.  I got a written apology from a staff member of Google stating I had nothing wrong and my account was returned to me in good standing.

However, it took a month to get my subscribers back.  Some did not know why I had dumped them and before that all had been harassed and on the computer it is called aggravated harassment by Bloombergforlife and before him Cleo.

Question:  Do you think this would factor in to a law suit.

With Cyber stalking and harassment you have two avenues and one is criminal and aggravated harassment carries jail time and you have civil so you can sue.

Note:  Way back when Azi Paybarah ended his piece "Holding Back the Tides of Bloomberg" on me and my art.  He was astute.  I was surprised he got "it".  That YouTube is my art.  Because I am talking about corruption in NYC and at a State level as well it becomes tedious and boring so I try to find ways to keep it interesting especially for my audience.   I also use cleavage which does surprisingly well on YouTube.  I removed my most successful youtube because it was about 2 celebrities so my tube with the most hits is about my art Condom Bra.   Again it is political but for underachievers unable to understand anything but what they see on the surface --- think about that --- I am making a statement about the male gaze as discussed in John Berger's book Ways of Seeing.   I am talking about so much and way I am saying about cleavage and breasts is lost on the majority of viewers that tune in.

Yesterday's YouTube which I did in the cold without my coat was asking for transparency and accountability by our politicians and in my title I say get naked...It is one of the few YouTubes were I am as clothed as possible....juxtaposition.   I know this is lost on my audience and I always think about Van Gogh and a later audience.   I don't think my physical art will endure because I lack a Theo and I see the art galleries as run by Bernie Madoffs and the art world as dead but maybe the YouTubes endure, maybe and a saavy audience to appreciate what is not spelled out and what is going on on the surface.  Every art work of mine with paint -- the surfaces are super charged.   I have been complimented on the Mayor Bloomberg King of New York posters including for the dynamic paint handling that you can see on the surface.  For over achievers that same can be said for the YouTubes but it requires use of one of the sexist parts of the human body -- the brain and thinking...something people do not do enough of.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Apple Iphone explain this one to me -- I just go a voice mail from Feb. 5 today the 26th!

Yikes!   Bizarre!  I saw a signal I had gotten a voice mail.  But than I did not see any new messages so I decided to scroll down on all the messages in my mail box and found one from 3 weeks ago!

I am an A Type and return phone calls asap.

The call was from The New York Police Dept.!

I love this phone but this is not the first Apple Iphone situation that left me shaking my head.

I have thought about tossing my phone in to the E. River on occasion but ultimately I love tech tools and the phone is pretty amazing when it works....

Bruce Cutler Closing Arguements -- I am reading because Shargel is representing Mazer CityTime

Love Bruce's intro - describing Barry Slotnick's office the windows -- the view -- I wish I had an apt or an office with views like that.

Interesting how Cutler describes a courtroom as "intimate".   Also his roots are very similar to mine on my maternal side and we are tall...smile...sigh....if you ask about roots you get a lot of tears...

The library has 3 copies of this book and they are all out so I went to The Strand.   If  I don't drop food all over it and or drop it in the bath tub I will donate it the NYC Public Library.

True News For Change new term "The Cuomonator" hilaroius


check his blog for updates on Albany and NYC gov -- interesting info and the pensions....

Love his new term which will be ripped off like me forwarding my 3 emails from Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed Dave Paterson -- my least favorite accidental gov.

Paterson in my opinion belongs behind bars for gently and quietly intimidating a woman, a victim of spousal abuse in to silence.  How sickening NYU hired him but he will enjoy flirting and hiring young beautiful women and of course partying on....NYU the evil empire -- real estate magnate abuser hires Paterson perhaps for his dad's contacts?  NYU is the evil empire mega-dorming the E. Village to death, destroying our historic neighborhoods where ever NYU expands...so hiring Dave fits.

Suzannah B. Troy Passionately Loves APPLE computers iphone her teachers

I LOVE YOU Apple how you teach is superb, loving and radical.

Mike Bloomberg 6200 emails John Haggerty Cy Vance Sheekey Maura Keeney Rudy from Albany to city hall get naked!

Click on the text portion and I was rushing so the part about Rudy making 31 million after leaving public office as mayor got cut off....

click on text portion for links to articles including a whistleblowers accusations against Cy Vance and his own campaign "issues".....

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hackers hack website that was an on line hate crime


Posted from iPhone.

Lisbeth lives...

City Hall huge turn out to protest budget cuts lay offs Greece Wisconsin NYC?



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Copy and paste link can't set up lInk from phone

Jeffrey Epstein Sex Predator demands you call him a sex offender! Greece may be coming to NYC folks!

02/25/2011 8:16 AM
Jeffrey Epstein plays the semantic game trying to be like Bill Clinton also in my opinion a sexual predator but at least Bill is smart enough to own up to it. Epstein is a predator including financially. Proof: type in his zip code in the free sex offender app for your iphone and ipad and he comes up as sex offender but his ny address doesn't show up although the data base recognizes it. Is that because Epstein does not want to pay the steep taxes that New Yorker pay so he uses the Virgin islands as a tax shelter? He made his fortune here in NYC, USA yet he robs the tax payers of this Country? Some of the free sex offender apps show St. Thomas, New Mexico, Florida and the NY address is recognized. How did Epstein come to buy one of the biggest mansions in NYC? As anyone taken a look in to the purchase of the house. Wealthy people can fly to the poorest countries and the poor turn their kids over to them. What did Andrew and Jeff do in Thailand. Any reports on their visit? It is amazing to me that Ghislaine Maxwell was served a subpoena and walked away. I would love to know what lawyers asked her. What does Leslie Wexner have to say about all this. It was reported in forbes he dropped Epstein as his trustee.


Folks:  I am Jewish and Epstein doesn't represent the Jews like Woody Allen he is a bad Apple with no chance of redemption or any motivation to take responsibility because here in NYC they are above the law as are the rich, connected, celebrities, politicians.

See the posting before this which shows you thousands of nyc gov. workers and politicians protesting. Wisconsin may come to NYC and Greece for that matter.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy's new YouTube Channel BloombergWisconsinNY


Taking me hours and I don't have time to upload all the speeches.  Last tube union workers surrounding City Hall in Peaceful Protest.
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Suzannah B. Troy continues to give out free NYC Condoms and tell NYers congrats Mike Bloomberg has screwed the tax payers but at least he gives you FREE condoms

Suzannah B. Troy hands a free NYC condom to a fun older NYer Woman!
Asks her for her insights in to Mike Bloomberg screwing tax payers.

Bloomberg Condom Stand-up Comedy by Suzannah B. Troy okay sitting down comedy

Suzannah B. Troy's Condom Bra Art YouTube over 10,000 hits!

Crain's Harvey Epstein lawyer leads the fight for affordable housing Lower East Side as concerns grow


Charles Barron, Robert Jackson, Union Leaders and very large crowd City Hall sing Stop Shredding New York to the tune of New York New York


Charles Barron sends a message to Mike Bloomberg and to Albany!
Tax the rich and Mike you are not going to bust Unions.

Charles Barron heading over to speak on behalf of Unions 

I will be uploading speeches l later and by next week setting up a new YouTube channel for the speeches and some of these photos show you how after the speeches union workers surround City Hall and march in a large circle around City Hall to send the mayor a message.

Funniest Comment on my new Tube + mine which is not funny


Uploader Comments (Suzannahartist)

  • Mazer wants to see his son compete? How about the people who are being layed off by the mayor? See my tube where a woman got an email from NYC gov you are layed off. She worries about $ for her son's college education. See my new post on Mazer's lawyer Gerald Shargel.
see all

All Comments (2)

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That's a very good point Susannah. I think that ALL those that run for office and All those that hold office, ANY PUBLIC OFFICE, should be drug tested on a regular basis. They should also be hooked up to a lie detector when giving any public speeches and the results shown instantly on a Jumbotron that is right behind them!
Until we the people stage a mass protest that makes what's going on in the middle east right now look like the crowd at a community Bingo game! But sadly, not gonna happen.

NYC fragile violent City no guns required teen girl was slashed hand almost severed!


Gerald Shargel Mazer's lawyer CityTime thank goodness the tax payers don't have to pay Mazer's legal bills Mazer was a consultant!


Read the last paragraph.  Gotti had grown disenchanted with Shargel and joked about killing him...it was playful and humorous and I am sure Shargel never took it seriously.

Anyway I emailed Gerald Shargel a quick question.  Haven't heard back from him.

His website is a must see!  Clearly he and Cutler love the limelight as much as defending really "challenged" individuals... I could pick other words than challenged but I will let you pick the words.  Mazer, CityTime crook, big time stealer of tax payer $ and in the midst of massive lay-offs that even had Mike sending out Christmas emails alerting NYC gov workers you no longer have a job so Mike can we get a full time refund on CityTime and the 911 tech system. That would return over 2 billion to the tax payers!
Thank goodness Mazer was a consultant or we would have to pay fir his defense attorney like we do for Christine Quinn and staff.  Who at NYC gov approved the use of Sullivan and Cromwell?

By the way Evan Lipton, Shargel's young lawyer assistant is fascinating! His parents are head shrinkers and Dad has a big job at NYU medical center!  Lipton might cultivate defending clients and mind &$@!/()) to a new level.  Joining Shargel was a good career move for this young fellow!

Watch my 2 youtubes on Mazer and his Mafia lawyer...Albany to City Hall culture of crime gangster culture... Ho hum

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Mike Bloomberg and corruption NYC DOB = death toll, the injuries the speed of greed!!


How many people died or were injured under Bloomberg's reckless tsunami of development.  DOB was over run and Mike had thrown out the requirement DOB commissioner have a degree in architecture or engineering.  

Do I think massive corruption NYC gov, Albany and including DOB? Yes, I do think plenty in DOB people were and are on the take?  In my opinion, way too many developers, landlords, contractors walk around with rolls of cash to bribe

Michael Schwartz see my Coney Island YouTube will post details later posting from IPhone

Michael Schwartz is one of seventeen poets invited to take part in special Allen Ginsberg celebration Monday Feb 28th 6:30 to 8:30PM.  
Each poet will be doing one of their original poems, and will also be doing a Ginsberg poem or excerpt of a Ginsberg poem.  
More info is on the attached flyer. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hey Mike Bloomberg, Mazer CityTime Crook wants to see his son compete, Christine Quinn from Albany to City Hall Culture of Corruption - new YouTube by Suzannah B. Troy

Pure gangster....I was discussing Christine Quinn with a long term activist friend and he said Christine Quinn is a gangster.  I agree.

Hey Mike Bloomberg, Mazer CityTime Crook wants to see his son compete, Christine Quinn from Albany to City Hall Culture of Corruption - new YouTube by Suzannah B. Troy


Pure gangster....I was discussing Christine Quinn with a long term activist friend and he said Christine Quinn is a gangster.  I agree.

Mark Mazer alleged architect of 80 million CityTime tax payer robbery wants to see his son compete

The New York Times

Man Accused in Fraud Scheme Wants to See Son Compete

Mark Mazer may have been in the headlines recently because he is accused of being the architect of an $80 million scheme to siphon money from the Bloomberg administration’s CityTime project to automate payroll for all city workers. But he is also the parent of an accomplished gymnast.
And on Wednesday, Mr. Mazer’s lawyer requested that his client be allowed to leave the New York metropolitan area to accompany his son to two national competitions, one in Landover, Md., in April, and the other in Long Beach, Calif., in May.
The request, which was made in a formal letter to Judge George B. Daniels of Federal District Court in Manhattan, is the first made by any of the seven people who have been charged so far in the CityTime scandal. The seven (one of whom has died since the charges were announced in December) have been accused of participating in a corruption plot to steer city contracts to businesses that they controlled, and pocketing some of that money.
“This type of request is standard under the federal bail system and was made with the consent of the prosecutor and pretrial services agency,” said Evan L. Lipton, Mr. Mazer’s lawyer.
Mr. Mazer, a technology consultant and resident of Manhasset, on Long Island, is free on a $2 million bond. Under the terms of his bond, he cannot leave the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, which cover New York City and Long Island. Mr. Mazer also cannot leave New Jersey, where his son Michael, a student at New York University, does his gymnastics training.

Mark Mazer alleged architect of 80 million CityTime tax payer robbery wants to see his son compete

Man Accused in Fraud Scheme Wants to See Son Compete

Mark Mazer may have been in the headlines recently because he is accused of being the architect of an $80 million scheme to siphon money from the Bloomberg administration’s CityTime project to automate payroll for all city workers. But he is also the parent of an accomplished gymnast.
And on Wednesday, Mr. Mazer’s lawyer requested that his client be allowed to leave the New York metropolitan area to accompany his son to two national competitions, one in Landover, Md., in April, and the other in Long Beach, Calif., in May.
The request, which was made in a formal letter to Judge George B. Daniels of Federal District Court in Manhattan, is the first made by any of the seven people who have been charged so far in the CityTime scandal. The seven (one of whom has died since the charges were announced in December) have been accused of participating in a corruption plot to steer city contracts to businesses that they controlled, and pocketing some of that money.
“This type of request is standard under the federal bail system and was made with the consent of the prosecutor and pretrial services agency,” said Evan L. Lipton, Mr. Mazer’s lawyer.
Mr. Mazer, a technology consultant and resident of Manhasset, on Long Island, is free on a $2 million bond. Under the terms of his bond, he cannot leave the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, which cover New York City and Long Island. Mr. Mazer also cannot leave New Jersey, where his son Michael, a student at New York University, does his gymnastics training.

2 Blog Postings of mine make Mike Bloomberg's 1st page on Google

I went to Google and looked up Mike Bloobmerg and there were 2 postings! One from Mayor Bloomberg King of New York and one from my East East Village blog.  I took screen shots of the top of the page and bottom because up top The New York Times City Room has a piece on Planned Parenthood and down load is my blog posting of a YouTube I made on Valentine's Day as usual giving the mayor a hard time and urging people to practice safe sex!   You can click on the screen shots to see them.

mayor bloomberg king of new york: Mike Bloomberg Steve Rattner and ...

Dec 18, 2010 ... Mike Bloomberg and Steve Rattner sitting down to a power with some big wigs from SAIC that used to work at The White House way back when to ...
mayorbloombergkingofnewyork.blogspot.com/.../mike-bloomberg-steve- rattner-and-saic.html - Cached

EastVillageEastEastVillage: Mike Bloomberg Rudy SAIC CityTime ...

Feb 14, 2011 ... Mike Bloomberg Rudy SAIC CityTime tracks city workers but not the mayor and Patricia Harris -- Happy Valentine's Day Love and Safe SeX ...
eastvillageeasteastvillage.blogspot.com/.../mike-bloomberg-rudy-saic-citytime .html -

Google Exec. Uses Tech Talents to help Victims of Disasters from Haiti to New Zealand



Susan Guy to the Rescue Domino's Pizza customer 80 year old woman


NYU Trolleys and Buses hated by every community they occupy from Stuy Town down to South St. Seaport stoop the waste stop all the empty buses or at least pick up community members

New Yorkers are fuming.  They are sick of waiting for public transportation which is lacking only to be passed by empty NYU buses and trolleys that clog the streets.  If you are going to have such a wasteful and destructive presence why not stop and pick up community members standing and waiting for transporation.

Why can't NYU students take public transportation.

The sea of empty trolleys and buses really piss people off.   Ditto for seeing them parked on Broadway and Lafayette Street.  NYU owns so much property park your buses and trolleys on your property rather than further congest Broadway and Lafayette Street.

Hugs marked down from $5 to $3 to $1 does this signal we are going from a recession to a depression?

Bebe Ad Houston St. post Bloomberg's Blizzard 2010

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mike Bloomberg NYC Thieves Jeffrey Epstein on Free Sex Offender App, Juan Gonzalez Wins Polk Award! NYC Round-up by Suzannah B. Troy




Christine Quinn Slush Mess high priced defense attorney -- look at date of article

Lady Gaga Slideshow by DNA & Suzannah on Gaga Madonna


Christopher, one of Madonna's brothers who used to live down the hall from me and was always a nice guy noted that Lady Gaga's new song sounds like a rip-off of his sister's work.  I am not quoting him.  I had to smile.  Madonna ripped off or borrowed or was heavily influenced by just about everyone from Mae West to Cyndi Lauper so what a tribute from Lady Gaga to "model" Madonna.  

Lady Gaga does have a Madonna-esque quality in her new song and of course some of her fashion wear but with the opening of the song "Born this Way" Lady Gaga has you laughing with that funny, smart sense of humor of hers as she spells out "H" "I" "M"mmm .

If Gaga occasional channels Madonna it is a Madonna with a sense of humor!   Lady Gaga does have a better voice.    Now I am going to go listen to "Rain".

Bowery Alliance having a vigil tonight for 35 Cooper Square -- show up or sign the petition

From Jason who was one of way too many that was mass evicted and is now in our prayers re: his battle with cancer.

Candlelight vigil at 35 Cooper Square.
Today from 5:30pm to 6:30pm

That's all for now. Take care.


P.S. - Here's a link with more info:

Click the above link to learn more and sign the petition please.

The New York Post cartoon by Sean Delonas excoriates Sex Predator Jeffrey Epstein and his Best Friend Prince Andrew -- chasing women young enough to be their granddaughters! Read my piece on Jeff Epstein listed on free Sex Offender App for you Iphones and Ipads

Using image fair use as someone blowing the whistle as well as questioning  who attempted doing damage control killing articles having them removed and made the phone call to the Manhattan DA ...was in one of the same person or team of people because this one with other articles seem to disappear ? 

See below for more thoughts re: fair use 



Fair use Please note the use of this cartoon is fair use this is not for profit but to show how powerful the players behind the scenes are that I'm alleging they got this image removed and possibly the people behind removing this image are the ones responsible for asking the Manhattan DA asked for lower Jeffrey Epstein sex offender status and giving his p please note the use of this cartoon is fair use this is not for profit but to show how powerful the players behind the scenes are that I'm alleging they got this image removed and possibly the people behind removing this image are the ones responsible for having the Manhattan DA asked for lower Jeffrey Epstein sex offender status and giving his pimp Ghislaine Maxwell Teflon  status!

There is also an article about prince Andrew and the pimp going to an S&M club here in New York City and NY Post deleted?

Marty Markowitz in trouble yet again -- can he take the subway along with Scott Stringer?


Juan Gonzalez wins Polk Award for CityTime reporting!

Congratulations you deserve the award Juan and we the tax payers deserve a full refund!

True News From Change for some updates on Albany and Shameless Politicians dot com



Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew's BF is listed on Sex Offender App download for free from Apple for you Iphone

Before you take your family to the Frick Museum, any of the tony museums on the upper East Side or the Central Park kid's playgrounds, you may want to type the zip code 10021 in to the free Sex Offender Apps you can download from Apple to your Iphone or Ipad.  Hey isn't that Mike Bloomberg's zip code?

If you want to type in Epstein's exact address right behind The Frick you can find it listed here http://www.lefcourtlaw.com/CM/RecentNotableDecisions/Cordero-v-Epstein.pdf and I want to warn you the legal document is shocking and disturbing as well as a gender bender and bizarrely enough 2 of the 3 free sex offender apps list Jeffrey Epstein as "female" which is ironic when you look at the legal brief above.   The NY Post covered the transgender (?) underage victim that alleged Epstein lured to this house.  http://www.nypost.com/p/news/regional/item_YpOM2hC4qQEWpkEqunEBfJ


If you don't want to read the tawdry legal filing that lists Victoria Secrets and Leslie Wexner as well as Epstein then here is an article from The NY Times.  http://www.nytimes.com/1996/01/11/garden/home-sweet-elsewhere.html or rather this article http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/30/realestate/30block.html

From NYTimes article: "Or maybe the footman of the private money manager Jeffrey Epstein, out doing reconnaissance in front of No. 9, one of the largest houses in Manhattan.  Across the street from the soaring (and heavily surveilled) arched door of No. 9 is the back of the Frick, a solid holding wall."
Leslie Wexner has a yacht called The Limitless but apparently Jeffrey Epstein has forced Wexner to realize he has limits after all as well at one point small children that Epstein was the trustee to?
In the Forbes article below apparently Wexner had enough and replaced Epstein as trustee.   Could it be in  the words of Donald Trump, Epstein's good friend, "you're fired."? 

The free apps allow you to locate Epstein here in NYC by typing in his NYC address and zip code but remember they are free so perhaps if you pay for the Offender Apps ranging from $1.99  - $3.99 you will get even more information.  For the free Apps you will find Jeffrey Epstein's photo and various locations of his homes including St. Thomas, New Mexico and Florida very much like what is listed here except this page includes France as well. http://offender.fdle.state.fl.us/offender/flyer.do?personId=62762  Didn't France have a problem with one of our major stars messing with an underage woman but he threatened to never return and the problem went away?

Why isn't Epstein's NYC address officially listed although the free data base for sex offender in the app store recognizes it?  Perhaps because Epstein is an "offshore billionaire" although Forbes has an article claiming he might not be one at all. http://blogs.forbes.com/billions/2010/07/23/is-billionaire-sex-offender-jeffrey-epstein-all-that-rich/  Epstein is one of many rags to riches New Yorkers that doesn't want to declare NYC as his home so he uses the Virgin Islands as a tax shelter.  He enjoys the word "Virgin" and perhaps for other sheltering reasons?

Woody Allen  http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Woody_Allen and even Prince Andrew are not listed as "offenders" on these free Apps just yet but maybe one day down the road?  Why is Andrew so tight with Epstein a registered sex offender?   Poor Queen Elizabeth.... She is preparing to celebrate her Grandson's marriage and she has to hear about her troubled son Andrew making front cover news with a shady off-shore billionaire sexual predator.

Some even wondered if Ghislaine Maxwell, famous for her "introductions" aka a special services girl friday would end up serving time and listed as an offender as well because she was known to make arrangements Epstein's "entertainment" such as massages.  In NYC and LA the rich and connected are mostly above the law as most recently illustrated by Charlie Sheen.

There is a rumor that the Feds gave Epstein special treatment and it wasn't just for helping them with the Bear Stearns debacle....what could Epstein possible have that the feds might also be interested in....hmmm

Names of some free sex offender apps :"Find Sex Offenders Free", "Sex Offenders Lite" and"Watch Out" which has a picture of a red devil and all carry Jeffrey Epstein's photo, his height, weight, eye color and list some of the many addresses he calls home. 

Epstein wins an elite place among registered sex offenders as one with addresses in the most expensive postal codes in the world but he might have some elite company down the road, you never know.

If Woody Allen did what he did in middle America he would still be in jail, not married to his victim able to adopt children.  Jeffrey Epstein would never ever have been busted in NYC, let's face facts.  http://www.newser.com/story/96085/how-this-billionaire-escaped-sex-trafficking-charges.html  He got busted in Florida but managed to slither out of a prison sentence that would mean 20 years for a regular Joe.

Yesterday The New York Post ran Epstein and Randy Prince Andy going for a walk together near Epstein's home here in NYC with photos on the front cover.   Prince Andrew is not looking very attractive these days and Epstein looks agitated both guys look old but these guys have no problem getting female company and it certainly isn't for their reputations.   If Andrew continues on this route he may find himself uninvited to the upcoming Royal Wedding.  Ghislane Maxwell won't be getting  invitation, that is for sure but she avoided joining Epstein on the offender app.  There are a few women listed on the free sex offender app as well an alleged off shore billionaire.  

I would like to ask Donald Trump if he will be spending quality time with Epstein.  Trump likes to be surrounded by young beautiful women as well and Epstein and he were friends.  I guess it is okay with Trump  as long as it is not his daughter or in Trump's case, I should say granddaughter.  I would be interested in what Trump has to say about Epstein.

Note:  I have met Epstein and his special services gal friday Ghislaine Maxwell and when I think of these two a four letter word comes to mind, "jail".   Can Epstein and Company buy a get out of jail free card?  He did once already.  

Monday, February 21, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy goes Gaga ITunes Lady Gaga Born This Way- my words..."fans and their hands moving her like Niagara Falls" Lady Gaga is that you? by Suzannah B. Troy

Kiss, Lady Gaga, Cats dig Lady Gaga Born This Way

My favorite piece I have ever written on Lady Gaga....

"I was walking down the street here in NYC and I heard someone yell out, "Hey, Lady Gaga!" and it did look like her.   Who knows...only Lady Gaga knows.   TMZ has a racy video of her body surfacing with fans and their hands moving her like Niagara Falls...the movements rough, rapid and full of life."

Click here to read the piece that will take you to my original piece Lady Gaga is that you?....http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2011/02/lady-gaga-sex-fans-she-is-blast.html

And tonight I am showing you and one of my four legged friends (who clearly is entranced by)  my Gaga Music on my IPhone -- I also bought her duet with Elton John because there is very little techno.

Kiss!  I said I was never going to buy Lady Gaga music because I can't hear her sing over all the techno-effects but today I feel like mush and I wanted to work out so I did something I never thought I would -- go Gaga. 

I have listened to what she had to say about herself and her fans and that is what I find most interesting and moving.  Clearly she and her fan base are outsiders and I can tune in to that frequency.

Snippet of I was Born This Way minus techno-effects...
I love my Apple Iphone (most of the time).
p.s.  There were some many topics, stories, issues I wanted to blog about including NYC politics Albany and more but you reach a point......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arggghhhhhhhh so frustrating....

Misogynist NYC nauseated by Egyptian creatures posing as men who attacked Lara Logan

Here in NYC we women live all kinds of assaults by cowardly men who have clearly big time problems and even some gal pal supporters but this Lora Logan attack was nauseating!

I do have praise for the women and Egyptian soldiers that came to her rescue!

NY blows 1.4 billion $ Medicad Waste


Is that kind of like the corruption surrounding the NY Pensions where everyone handling the 1.4 billion dollar medicaid blow out is making mega bucks?  Business as usual -- greed is a killer -- greed is killing NY.

Prices of everything going up.

Mike Bloomberg, Christine Quinn and pals are celebrating this news.....

Just a reminder, Mike Bloomberg with the help of his socialite mega millionaire city planner as qualified as Cathie Black pushed a reckless tsunami of development on old NY's infrastructure responsible for perhaps the largest mass displacement of people since the American Indians.  This is just one more way to continue a mass exodus of NYers.  Mike Bloomberg and Quinn's developer pals are celebrating. Take a look at who is donating the 3 million to make Mike's mini me mayor and it cannot happen. http://www.councilpedia.org/index.php?title=Christine_Quinn

Steve Cassidy, Mary Feagin's death, No Fire Cuts


Mary Feagin's death is tragic and so is the fact Mike Bloomberg with the help of the worst city planner in NYC history, Amanda the people's Burden pushed a reckless tsunami of development on old NY's infrastructure and as they pushed this stupid, dangerous development they shuttered fire houses.  If you are going to expand you actually need MORE firehouses!!!!!  Impeach Mike Bloomberg and all his socialite hires and pals who are not qualified and double dippers, some even being paid extra amounts of $ by Bloomberg.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

NYPD Make Heroic Rescue West Point Cadets Stuck on a Cliff


No! NO MORE SNOW!! 2 -4 inches heading our way if you can believe it!!!!!

For over achievers -- the part of the little snowman's  smile has fallen on to the ground like tears along with a few other thangs.